Mersh Curse

from by Jim Dandy



Smoking weed in Gabe's barn
and Brennan put EXP on
and that shit freaked me the fuck out.

Grabbed my shit
I'm out of there
stems and seeds are in my hair
I smell like a mother fuckin skunk.

Went and sat
in a ditch
I've been cursed by the mersh witch
living in a stop motion film.

30 minutes just went by
and I am still so fucking high
so I called my mom and I left.

We don't sleep at all
'cause we're tripping balls
when we start to cry
it's 'cause we are too high.


My buddy bought some commercial shit
and I only needed one hit
then the curse kicked in.

Anxiety and sweaty palms
I felt like I was married to Dom
Shelly as my mother in law.


from DRUGS, released September 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Jim Dandy Belfast, Maine

"... pure, heavy-breathing, insane punk rock..."

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