by Jim Dandy

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released September 2, 2014

"This three piece lays down some inventive, adventurous punk music... Unbridled, and hilarious, they don't seem to be concerned with trying to be part of a scene, so much as just trying to create interesting music, and they pull that off... every song on here kept my attention."

- - Scenes from the Underground

All songs written, performed and recorded by Jim Dandy
2013 - 2014 // Belfast, ME

Hunter Finden :: Guitar // Vox
Molly B Samuels :: Bass // Shouts
Wes Sterrs :: Drums // Shouts

Mastered by Lincoln Clapp
Album Art :: David Munson

Sweet Pizza Records ® 2014



all rights reserved


Jim Dandy Belfast, Maine

"... pure, heavy-breathing, insane punk rock..."

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Track Name: Eat Acid, See Satan
Eat Acid, See Satan x2
He's alive now, he carved my eyes out x2
Track Name: Mersh Curse
Smoking weed in Gabe's barn
and Brennan put EXP on
and that shit freaked me the fuck out.

Grabbed my shit
I'm out of there
stems and seeds are in my hair
I smell like a mother fuckin skunk.

Went and sat
in a ditch
I've been cursed by the mersh witch
living in a stop motion film.

30 minutes just went by
and I am still so fucking high
so I called my mom and I left.

We don't sleep at all
'cause we're tripping balls
when we start to cry
it's 'cause we are too high.


My buddy bought some commercial shit
and I only needed one hit
then the curse kicked in.

Anxiety and sweaty palms
I felt like I was married to Dom
Shelly as my mother in law.
Track Name: No Knees Nick
I'm dirt poor and I'm running from the police
Like young Gump I'm feelin like I got no knees
I'm in a shirt, thigh highs, and high heels
Crooked eyes I've had coke for the last five meals

shit head
waste head
coke head

I fish for crabs and get crabs from the ladies
I sell your grannie's xanies out my mercedes
Slab city I still got seven xanies
In the night I'm stealing girl's panties
Track Name: New Pope
We got a new pope
They say he's so dope
Lives in the Vatican
Can say that again

me and the new pope
we're gonna elope
fucked in the Vatican
can say that again

The pope's gay.
Track Name: Dave is Doomed
Dave is doomed, yes Dave is doomed
and we buried him in his tomb.
Put him right in his grave
and now Dave is Satan's slave.

Track Name: Cemetery Aquarium
Living in a house, right by the grave,
sleeping on a bed of bones I have saved.
Don't have no friends so I went to the dead,
wish I was a skull so I shaved my head.
I sleep in the graves and snuggle with bones,
scratching my eyes out and chewing on toads.
My house and the graveyard that's all I've got,
oh yeah and the skulls -

They like me a lot.

One summer night, I was sleeping in the grave,
and to my surprise it started to rain.
My bed filled with water - I started to drown,
on the surface I could see the bones floating around.
My friends all leaving they started to cry,
I tried to save them but they waved goodbye.
Now I'm all alone in this drenched cemetery,
maybe I'll get some fish -

And make an aquarium.
Track Name: Ellory
she's not walking
she's not talking
it's eating at your brain

blood is squirting
birds are chirping
In your dreams
it'll all come back again

first time at the party

perspective shifting
your mind is drifting
pupils like black holes

it's getting busted
you can't be trusted
and your parents won't be very proud.

last time at the party.
Track Name: Seven Bug Bites
It's another foggy night
My head is full of tics
and I've got seven bug bites

I cannot go to bed
there's too much noise
and the juice just got to my head

to my head...
to my head...

Everybody wants a taste
They wanna get bit
and stay up really late

but they don't hear what I said
they hit their waves
and they keep taking bites to their heads

to their heads...
to their heads...
I'll take another seven bites to my head.
Track Name: Master Blaster
Master Blaster
this song's a disaster
it'd be so much better
if we just played it faster...


Master Blaster
no longer a disaster
it is so much better
since we just played it faster
at the skate park doing front side disaster
and you're gonna love this master blaster

Chilling out with a pastor in a pasture
smoking on the rubble from a natural disaster
showed him new pope and he cried right after
guess he couldn't handle that master blaster
Track Name: Pop Star
This one is for the ladies...

One night, I had a really crazy dream
that I was a famous celebrity.
Loads of money, and all those fancy cars
up on stage with all of those famous stars.

I got my picture taken when I fucked a Filipino chick
and got my own skate park when I did a kick flip
I bombed a city and guess what
they found out it was me
but hey, who cares?
Cuz I'm on the cover of rolling stone magazine.

I wanna be
I wanna be a pop star

I got busted smoking pot
and got in trouble for a day
so now I do it all the time
when I'm on stage
started on Disney acting like
daddy's princess
and now I can't wait for all the guys
to get me undressed.

I learned to twerk
and I put it up on the big screen
yeah I can twerk check it out
check it out on MTV
Track Name: Taco!
I'm so fucked up
all stoned up off seven blunts
and some kid's tryin to eat all of my parent's food.

It's really fucking late
sun is up and I'm still baked
and all my friends are puking off of steel reserve.

I just want a taco.

I'm really fucking tanked
crashed my car and it's still day
and someone's in the bathroom
and their seeing shit.

When I get home
I'll still smoke another bong
and I don't even know what fucking day it is.

I just want a taco.
Track Name: Drugs
I've got drugs all around my room
the cops are here
and I don't know what to do.

If they come find me
I'm in such deep shit
so I guess I'll have to take all of it.

Smoke some crack and pop some pills
mescaline and other cheap thrills
smoke it up son, the fuzz is almost here
good thing I only have
3 more beers.